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Office: Benton Hall 330 a                               
Phone: (319) 398-5899 (or on campus, just 5713)  

About Some of the Courses:

Introduction to Philosophy: This course asks you to grapple with some tough questions: What is the nature of morality? Is there a God? Do human beings have free will? A soul? What, if anything, can we know? You will not find out the answers to these questions until the final day of class.

Ethics: In this course, we study a variety of "theories" about the nature of morality including duty-based ethics, relativism, and utilitarianism. Then we study issues in applied ethics: euthanasia, media ethics, just war, to name a few. This course is not designed to make you a better person; it will either leave you unchanged or make you a little worse.

Basic Reasoning: This is a course in which you study the nature of arguments themselves -- how they are constructed, how they work, what they are supposed to do, etc. In this course, you learn a method of evaluating arguments, spend time evaluating arguments, and get the opportunity to create your own arguments. Some of the arguments we discuss are quite provocative -- but that's only to keep things interesting!

Working in America:  This course examines some artifacts of philosophy, literature, music, poetry, and history and considers how they relate to the theme of work.  So, if you want to get exposed to the humanities AND focus on the theme of work, then this is the course you've been waiting for!


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