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  Perspectives on Human Sexuality

  Variations in Sexual Behavior          


  Research and Methods

  Contraception and Birth Control


  Female Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, Response

  Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth


  Male Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, Response

  Sexual Health and Illness


  Gender & Gender Roles

  Sexual Difficulties  Enhancement and Therapy


  Sexuality-- Childhood through Adolescence

  Sexually Transmissible Diseases


  Sexuality-- Adulthood

  HIV and AIDS


  Love, Intimacy, Sexuality

  Sexual Coercion



  Commercial Sex


  Sexual Expression

  Human Sexuality General Resources


Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality
--resources for debates on sexuality issues
International Encyclopedia of Sexuality
--broad array of essays on sexuality organized by country--still in development but worth a look
--challenges sexism, racism, violence through media education
--strong messages equipping women and girls to resist media images and messages that damage self-esteem and self-image
Commonsense Media
--reviews of movies, games, apps; media education; big issues advice, advocacy

Research and Methods
Center for Sex Research
--bibliographies, links, list of institutions with  human sexuality programs
Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality
--Publication of the Sexologist Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco,
California, USA
The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction
--homepage with publications, information about institute
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
--newsletters, educational and employment opportunities, bibliographies, resources
Sex and Life; Life and Sex
--Sue Johanson's talk show, resources

Female Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, Response
The Sexual Anatomy of Women
--thorough information on women's reproductive anatomy A Website Dedicated to the Sexual Health and Pleasure of Women.
a compendium of information on the vulva with a focus on sexual heath and pleasure
Mad Scientists' Network
--tour through human body; views from Visible Human Project with labels and explanations-- check woman's body, particularly reproductive system
Boston Women's Health Book Collective
-- introduction to Our Bodies Ourselves for the New Century (best book on women's health), extensive information, annotated links, publication excerpts
Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
--extensive, funny and informative site about menstrual cycles, supplies, humor
Body Positive: Boosting body image at any weight
The Real Women Project
Body icon: fear and loathing the mirror
--address size acceptance, dieting, weight and appearance activism
About Face
Jean Kilbourne: Killing Us Softly III and Slim Hopes
--address abuse of women's images in advertising, media
Female Genital Mutilation: Education and Networking Project
CIRP: Female Genital Mutilation
--information, references, research articles, legislative initiatives, links, advocacy groups, lists and boards
BigEar Commentary: Female Circumcision and Genital Mutilation Site
--political, cultural, and social commentary on topic

Male Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, Response
Male Sexual Anatomy: The Foreskin
--penile anatomy, info about circumcision, foreskin restoration
The Sexual Anatomy of Men
--thorough information on men's reproductive anatomy The penis and male sexuality website
--a compendium of information on the penis with a focus on sexual health and pleasure, useful links
Mad Scientists' Network
--tour through human body; views from Visible Human Project with labels and explanations-- check man's body, particularly reproductive system
Circumcision Information and Resource Page
INFO-CIRCUMCISION: Circumcision Information Resource Centre
--articles, ethics, methods with visuals, FAQ, fact sheets on male circumcision and penile anatomy and function, foreskin functions and restoration
Sex Reassignment Surgery for Male-to-Female Transsexuals
--information on female and male anatomy, sex reassignment surgery for transsexuals

Gender and Sexuality
--remarkable collection of information, guides, controversy about sexuality, gender, sex education, and sex and cultural practices
National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce
--news, information, resources, fact sheets, organizations, political initiatives relating to gays and lesbians
Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
--resources and information, Q&A, therapy, political and legal news, links relating to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals
Gender.Org: Gender Education and Advocacy Website
--resources, links, information for and about gender variant people
International Journal of Transgenderism
--collection of peer-reviewed full-text articles on transgender topics
Transgender Forum
The Renaissance Transgender Association
Transgender Support Site
National Transgender Advocacy Coalition
--all have resources, support communities; some have products, legal and political information, media, personal stories, links
Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality
--resources for debates on gender differences and sexual orientation
American Psychological Association, Division 51: Society for the Scientific Study of Men and Masculinity
--research on men, masculinity, gender

Sexuality-- Childhood through Adolescence
Planned Parenthood Home Page
--parent guides on talking to children and teens about sexuality, teen issues such as body changes, dating, health, protection
Talking with Kids About Tough Issues
--developed by Children Now and the Kaiser Family Foundation to assist parents with talking to their children about sexuality, violence, drugs, alcohol, HIV/AIDS
Families are Talking
--research, approaches, fact sheets for families promoting effective sex education
--guides, articles, expert advice, social and political commentary, music, relationship and coping information, polls, quizzes
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
--promotion of dissemination of sexuality information and education, individual rights, parent and teacher guides, fact sheets
It's Your (Sex) Life: Your Guide to Safe & Responsible Sex
--Kaiser Family Foundation's web site with answers to critical questions asked by teens and parents
AIDS Education and Research Trust
--aimed at HIV/AIDS prevention, education of young people, exercises, Q & A, statistics, resources
Campaign for Our Children
--guides, resources for sex educating children; includes teen pregnancy clock
National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
--national and state information, statistics, resources for parents and teens, info on community efforts
Advocates for Youth
--comprehensive vs. abstinence-only sex education
PSI Cafe: Teen Intimacy and Sexuality
--information on intimacy, friendships, sexuality, LGB issues, teen pregnancy, more

Sexuality-- Adulthood
Coalition for Positive Sexuality
--general resource for multiple sexuality topics, e.g., safe sex, birth control, pregnancy, masturbation; links
Better Sexuality Dictionary
Sinclair Intimacy Institute
--thorough information source on sexuality topics, FAQ, encyclopedia, resources, videos
Unmarried America: An Equal Rights Organization
--research, resources on work, finances, law, crime, insurance, health, parenting, adoption, partnerships
Menopause Online
--all kinds of information, resources, remedies, organizations, links

Love, Intimacy, Sexuality
Sinclair Intimacy Institute
--resource for couples for improving sexual relationships and love making skills; video library, information, advice
The Gottman Institute: The Love Lab
--research on relationship satisfaction, marriage and parenting success
Love Bytes: A Site Devoted To Relationship Enrichment from Marriage Enrichment, Inc.
--potpourri on relationship and sexual enrichment, affairs, more
Sexuality.Org: Basic Information on Sexual Development
--information on multiple sexuality topics, Facts of Life Netline
University of Toronto Sexual Education and Peer Counseling Center
--variety of information, tips about sexuality and relationships
iVillage: Relationships
--self-tests, ,advice, resources on dating, breaking up, marriage, divorce, love, and sex.
DiscoveryHealth.Com: Body-Mind Queendom
--jealousy tests; see also relationship tests from test page
Psychology Today: Self tests
--see relationship tests, particularly jealousy tests tailored for sexual orientation
AlltheTests: Love tests: relationship tests
--lots of relationship tests of varying quality but some make you think
Barbarian's Online Test Page: Relationships
--extensive annotated and rated source of tests on relationships, love, jealousy; BEWARE--quality is variable, includes some great tests and some ridiculous ones  

Society for Human Sexuality: Erotic Talk for Lovers and Performers
--extensive guide to sexual communication
Society for Human Sexuality: A Sex Positive Primer
--general guide to setting stage for sexual communication
Midwest Institute of Sexology
--Sexuality research in which you can participate, survey results on partner communication, etc.
----sexual communication ideas,,6qxh,00.html
Sexual Pleasure Pro: Sexual Communication
--range of sex communication questions answered by sex therapist, Michael Ra Bouchard

Sexual Expression FAQ: Great Sex
--informative guide to positions, oral and anal sex, sex toys
About sexuality
--how-tos--you name it
The Almost Complete Body Piercing Links List
--prodigious links, articles, safety information, options, laws
bme/piercing gallery
--lots of pictures, information on aftercare, risks of all body modifications, FAQ
Age of Consent
--country and state information about age of consent for male-female, male-male, and female-female sexual activity; travel warnings
Sodomy Law Update
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
ACLU Freedom Network: Lesbian and Gay Rights
--lists, maps of states and countries where same-sex acts between consenting adults are legal, case information

Atypical and Paraphilic Sexual Behavior
Sexual Health: Paraphilia
--basic information, definitions
Family Practice Sexual Addiction
Family Practice Paraphilia Resources
--symptoms, treatment resources, readings on paraphilias, compulsive sexual behaviors

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
--brochures about atypical sexual behaviors, rape, pornography (look under publications/ what sexual scientists know)
Psychiatric Times
--article on therapy for paraphilias
Society for Advancement of Sexual Health
--articles, bibliography, treatment resources on sexual addiction and compulsivity
Gender Mosaic Transsexual & X-dressing Information
--cross-dressing, transvestite, transsexual, intersex, LGBT info, discussion
Transsexual/Transvestite/Transgender/ Intersexuality
--compendium of web resources
Gender Mosaic
--support group for transsexuals
Psychology of Crossdressing and Transvestism
--articles, links on crossdressing
Society for the Second Self
--crossdresser support, transgender outreach

Contraception and Birth Control
Planned Parenthood Federation of America: Birth Control
--extensive information about birth control, reproductive health, protection
The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction
--information on sexual health, bibliography, links
Alan Guttmacher Institute: Contraceptive use
--contraceptive use, statistics, facts
Alan Guttmacher Institute: Abortion
--statistics and articles on abortion The Emergency Contraception Website
--comprehensive information on emergency contraception, news, Q&A, directory of providers
Accidents Happen: Emergency Contraception
--comprehensive information on emergency contraception, fact sheets, resources, directory of local providers at 800 number
National Abortion Rights Action League
--organization devoted to political and social action supporting reproductive freedom and choice

Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
Internation Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
--infertility resources, fact sheets, reproductive news and articles
RESOLVE: National Infertility Association
--infertility information, help selecting specialists, study participation, support, links
Center for Male Reproductive Medicine & Vasectomy Reversal
--All about male reproductive concerns
Online Birth Center: Midwifery, Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding
--information on pregnancy, birth, midwifery, breastfeeding, infertility, family planning
Alan Guttmacher Institute: Teen Sex and Pregnancy
--teen sex and pregnancy statistics, articles
Reproductive Health Resources
--extensive articles and links, Q&A on men's and women's general health and reproductive health

Sexual Health and Illness
Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report
--current legislation, court rulings, talks given, research releases, medical breakthroughs and policy changes, news; links to variety of health sites
Network for Excellence in Women's Sexual Health
--the Berman's excellent Web resources
University of Toronto Sexual Education and Peer Counseling Center
--variety of information, tips about sexual health and sexual dysfunction

Body Icon:  Fear and Loathing the Mirror
Better Sinclair Intimacy Institute's Online Dictionary of Sex
--sexuality dictionary and encyclopedia, searchable database, expert Q&A
The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction: Services and Events
--information on sexual health and disorders, online survey, bibliography, large collection of links
Planned Parenthood Home Page
--extensive information on women's health and some on men's health, health issues
The Fibroid Place
--all about uterine fibroids
The Yeast Infection Homepage
Vaginal Infections
--symptoms, causes, prevention, treatments
Men's Health.Com
--includes health maintenance manual, info on nutrition, exercise, stress, appearance, sexual health, treatment of diseases
Ask NOAH About: Men's Health
Ask NOAH About: Women's Health
Ask NOAH About: GLBT Health
--links to health sites
Society for Women's Health Research
--research on women's health, sex differences in health
The Women's Sexual Health Foundation
--world sexual health resources, information
The SexQuest WISH List: SexQuest's Web Index for Sexual Health
--extensive weblinks, articles on sexual health topics
Female Genital Mutilation: Education and Networking Project
--information, references, articles, legislative initiatives, links, advocacy groups, lists and boards Medical/Sexual Views Before They Become News
--substantive information about hormone replacement, diagnostic testing, sexual dysfunction, disabilities and sex; research paper abstracts
--up-to-date information about effects and side effects of both prescription and OTC medications; dedicated to consumer protection, includes FDA alerts and drug interactions.  Current drug alerts for women include Accutane and Yaz due to Accutane side effects such as birth defects and Yaz side effects which include stroke, heart attack, and severe depression.

Sexual Enhancement and Therapy
Society for Human Sexuality
--sexuality primer, resources, lists, links, information on sexual enhancement
Dr. Ruth Westheimer: America's Leading Sex Therapist
--Q & A, sex tips, sex polls, help guidelines, email for help
Sexual  The Sexual Health Network
--extensive information on healing sexual dysfunction, sexual addiction, sexual abuse, dealing with disability, sexual enhancement
Sexual Health InfoCenter
--focus on sexual enhancement
Sex Therapy Online
--free, confidential sex therapy from trained sexologists and sex therapists
The Shyness Homepage
--helpful resources for the shy

Sexually Transmissible Diseases
Society for Human Sexuality; National Sexuality Resources
--extensive guide to safe sex, STIs and prevention and treatment
Planned Parenthood: Sexually Transmitted Infections
--extensive information on sexually transmitted infections
American Social Health Association
--no nonsense information on sexually transmitted diseases, treatment and prevention, hotlines, support groups, links
CDC: National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention
--fact sheets, treatments, prevention statistics and surveillance

The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource
--incredible resource on AIDS/HIV, treatment, support, hotlines, organizations, multiple links
HIV Insite: Gateway to AIDS Knowledge
--substantial site with statistics, information on education, prevention, treatment, research
AIDS.ORG:AIDS Treatment News
--history of AIDS.ORG, daily updates, treatment database, fact sheets, guide to HIV testing
NIAID: Division of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
--links to web sites covering ethical, legal, political issues; major pages on vaccines, treatment, prevention
Avert.Org: Averting HIV and AIDS
--all about HIV/AIDS: history, education, news, statistics, resources, prevention, treatment, relationships

Sexual Coercion
Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network
--rape information, support, resources, National Sexual Assault Hotline, statistics
Men Can Stop Rape
--material about national organization of men against rape, information sheets, examples of activist efforts
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
--web links, searchable database, resources, organizations on every aspect of sexual, intimate, and family violence
Hope for Healing.Org
--comprehensive web site for rape and sexual abuse survivors, female and male
Youth Resource: Dating Violence
--information on dating violence, dating rights, hotlines, online resources
University of Toronto Sexual Education and Peer Counseling Center
--variety of information, myths, prevention ideas about sexual harassment and assault, survivor resources
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
--realistic and practical information, resources, links on domestic violence
--dedicated to education, prevention of, intervention in Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, other victimization, presents laws and news; assistance accessing state resources, lawyers
American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence
--comprehensive site with interventions, assistance, research, statistics, myths/facts, links, education on domestic violence
Controlling Domestic Violence against Men
--essay covering research on causes of violence against men, characteristics of female abusers, strategies and resources for victims
Pandora's Box: The Secrecy of Child Sexual Abuse
--substantial site covering legal issues and updates, prevention strategies, resources for survivors, research

Commercial Sex
American Library Association: Filtering and Filtering
--information and links on librarians dilemmas with censorship, intellectual freedom,  First Amendment, history of legislation and court cases, role of librarians
First Amendment Cyber Tribune (FACT):Threats to Internet Freedom
--information on government censorship of pornography on Internet, protections
CyberSex and CyberPorn
--potpourri of essays, discussions of allure of Internet sex, effects on relationships and marriage; morality, censorship, regulation of Internet pornography
The World Sex Guide
--extensive collection of commercial sex information from most countries of the world; this website demonstrates how technology shrinks the world for every commercial enterprise
Prostitutes Education Network
--major resource on sex workers'/prostitutes' rights and issues: general information, links, articles, statistics, legislation and court cases, organizations,
DCHealth: Commercial Sex Workers
--sample of health care, social, and educational needs, legal issues of sex workers in U.S.
Commercial Sex Information Service
--sample of health care, social, and educational needs, legal issues of sex workers in Canada
Center for Sex Research: Bonnie Bullough Memorial Collection 
History, Culture, Politics of Prostitution
--materials, images on pornography and prostitution

Fun Sites The Online Kissing Resource
--fun site all about kissing
The Singles Web
--dating for men and women, pick up lines, things to do on a date, other stuff
ABC Condoms
--order condoms online; 10% of profits go to not-for-profit organizations that promote safe sex
--source for condoms, dams, toys, home tests
--product information, catalog, safer sex info, tutorial and demos, STD stats, links
Good Vibrations
--online resource for sex toys, sex education, erotic and how-to books and adult videos


Human Sexuality General Resources
Comprehensive sex dictionary, updated regularly
Coalition for Positive Sexuality
--general resource for multiple sexuality topics, links
Sexuality Database: Sinclair Intimacy Institute's Online Encyclopedia of Sex
--thorough information source on sexuality topics Health
--searchable database on variety of health concerns, particularly related to sexual health; take surveys and tests, news
Sexuality and Sexual Relationships
--valuable links and practical how-tos

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