Fisherview Stereo Slides (ca. 1919-21)

Sample Views

WWI Stereographs, Photos, & Illustrations

Officer's automobile destroyed by German machine gun fire (W-A-9)
Large shells left on the battle field as Germans retreat (W-A-11)

Dead Huns in a dugout immediately after a barrage (W-B-1)
German prisoners captured at Longeau (W-B-2)
Marshal Foch greets the King of England, at the front (W-B-3)
German machine gun "Pill Box" hit by an American shell (W-B-4)
In the front line trenches at Souain, France (W-B-5)
Hunting for "Cooties" (W-B-6)
Ace's view of another aeroplane over the trenches (W-B-7)
Looking over the top as shell bursts (W-B-8)
Graves of American aviators (W-B-9)
Refugees camping in the woods (W-B-10)
German barbed wire entanglements (W-B-11)
Camaflouge wooden cannon to mislead the Hun's aviation observers (W-B-12)

He fired after calling "Kamerad" (W-D-1)
German prison camp (W-D-2)
Shell passes through the tower of St. Legur church (W-D-3)
Torpedo boat sunk by German submarine (W-D-4)
Fort Ham blown up by a mine (W-D-5)
In first line trenches (W-D-6)
Germans arresting Red Cross nurse (W-D-7)
Watching Germans from a look-out post in a tree (W-D-8)
War hospital in beautiful casino of Vittel (W-D-9)
Orchards of Margival wantonly destroyed by the Hun (W-D-10)
Building barbed wire entanglements (W-D-11)
Ambulance load of wounded soldiers (W-D-12)

Red Cross Nurse gives first aid to wounded aviator (W-E-5)
Germans looting bakery at Clermont, France (W-E-6)
Guynemer-- The World's Greatest Ace (W-E-9)

German aeroplanes bombard railroad (W-F-3)
Generals Joffre, Cardona and Humbert, after a conference (W-F-4)
We bring down a German plane (W-F-5)
Dummy cannons to draw German fire (W-F-7)
Anti-aircraft gun shelling a German aeroplane (W-F-8)
A bombarded church at Maricourt, France (W-F-10)
A rapid fire 105 millimeter gun in action at Verdun (W-F-12)