Great Revolutions

The proletarian revolution is never proletarian.

Will Durant

  • Great Revolutions (Course Outline)
  • HIST: Great Revolutions (Syllabus/Schedule)
  • History & Trivia: Quiz
  • Interpretation Exercise: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
  • Modern Medieval History: Historiography

  • Source Excerpts: The Great War
  • Sheet Music: The Great War
  • Socialism, Communism, Syndicalism: Cooperative Citizenship (1933)
  • What is a revolution?: The Mansion of History (1976)
  • Russo-Japanese War (1904-05): Cartoons, Sources, Resources
  • The Russian Revolution: Autocracy Destroyed?
  • The Rebirth of Russia (1917) by Isaac F. Marcosson
  • The Russian Pendulum (1919) by Arthur Bullard
  • History of the World War (vol. 4, 1919) by Frank H. Simonds
  • War and Revolution in Russia 1914-1917 (1919) by General Gourko
  • The Russian Peasant and the Revolution (1920) by Maurice G. Hindus
  • The Russian Soviet Republic (1923) by Edward Alsworth Ross

    Useful Links

    MIT Internet Classics Archive
    Early Church Fathers
    Bodleian Library: Western Manuscripts to c. 1500
    Early Manuscripts at Oxford University
    Labyrinth: Manuscripts, Paleography, Codicology
    ELIOHS: Electronic Library of Historiography
    Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution
    Russian History Websites
    People's Century: Red Flag (1917)
    History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1939)
    Revelations from the Russian Archives (Library of Congress)