Great War Source Excerpts (Word Documents)

French Soldiers

WWI Stereographs, Photos, & Illustrations

The Nations of Europe: The Causes & Issues of the Great War, by Charles Morris (1914)
With the Allies, by Richard Harding Davis (1914)
Behind the Scenes at the Front, by George Adam (1915)
Defenseless America, by Hudson Maxim (1915)
I Accuse, by a German (1915)
Over There: War Scenes on the Western Front, by Arnold Bennett (1915)
Over There, Part 2 (1915)

England's Effort, by Mrs Humphry Ward (1916)
Kitchener's Mob: The Adventures of an American in the British Army, by James Norman Hall (1916)
Nationalism, War & Society, by Edward Krehbiel (1916)
The Spirit of France, by Owen Johnson (1916)
A Student in Arms (1917) by Donald Hankey
The World at War, by George Brandes (1917)
Private Peat, by Harold R Peat (1917)
Paths of Glory: Impressions of War written at and near the Front, by Irvin S Cobb (1917)

Huts in Hell, by Daniel A. Poling (1918)
The Diagnosis of the German Obsession, by William Armstrong Fairburn (1918)
The Challenge of the Present Crisis, by Harry Emerson Fosdick (1918)
A School History of the Great War, (1918)
History of the World War, by Francis March (1918)
Poison Gas Attack: A History of the World War (vol 3, 1919)
Armenian Genocide: The Great Events of the Great War (vol 3, 1923)
Shell-Shock and other Neuropsychiatric Problems, by Elmer E Southard (1919)
Shell-Shock and other Neuropsychiatric Problems, Part 2 (1919)
History of the World War, by Frank H Simonds (1919)

The Folly of Nations, by Frederick Palmer (1921)
The Outline of History, by H G Wells (1924)
The Outline of History, Part 2 (1924)
The Backwash of War, by Ellen N La Motte (1934)
The Lord of the Rings, by J R R Tolkien (1954)