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1) Who demonstrated that the earthis spherical?

2) What are the three most commonly spoken languages?

3) When was WWII and how many lives did it take?

4) Who said: "If you strike me down I shall become more powerful thanyou can possibly imagine."

5) What caused the First World War?

6) Who holds the major league record for lifetime homeruns?

7) What was Adolf Hitler's favorite movie?

8) What caused the rise of nationalism?

9) Name the Spice Girls or the Beatles:

10) What was the most deadly epidemic in U. S. history?

11) Who was originally chosen to play Indiana Jones?

12) Why are Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin important?

13) What caused the rise of fascism?

14) Who was the top box office draw of the 1930s?

15) When did steam engines & internal combustion engines become important?

16) Name the Teletubbies or the Marx brothers:

17) When was the French Revolution?

18) Name the top three box office movies of all time:

19) What were Laverne and Shirley's last names?

20) What caused the Great Depression?

21) What do dimes and quarters have ridged edges?

Are some things more important to know than others? Explain.

Is history important or not?