History of Science & Technology

History of Science Society
Internet History of Science Sourcebook
Linda Hall Library: History of Science (Kansas City, MO)
Museum of the History of Science (Oxford, England)
Museum of the History of Science (Florence, Italy)
The Galileo Project (Rice University)
NOVA: Galileo's Battle for the Heavens (PBS)
History of Science, Technology, Medicine: Web Virtual Library
Physics Around the World: Resources

Society for the History of Technology
Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, IL)
Smithsonian: National Air & Space Museum (Washington, DC)
Edison National Historic Site (West Orange, NJ)
National Museum of Science and Industry (UK)
Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester, England)

Etienne-Jules Marey: Movement in Light (La maison du cinema)
Chronophotographical Projections: Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904)
Birthplace of Recorded Sound: Menlo Park (Edison, NJ)
Early Recorded Sounds & Wax Cylinders (Glenn Sage)
Inventing Entertainment: Motion Pictures & Sound Recordings (Library of Congress)
The World's Earliest Television Recordings (UK)

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices (Minneapolis, MN)
National Museum of Health and Medicine (Washington, DC)
National Museum of Civil War Medicine (Frederick, MD)

The Shore Line Trolley Museum (East Haven, CT)
The Bicycle Museum of America (New Bremen, OH)
WWW Bicycle Museum
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village (Dearborn, MI)
The Octave Chanute Pages
Wright Brothers: Aeroplane Company & Museum of Pioneer Aviation
U.S. Air Force Museum (Dayton, OH)
Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center (Hutchinson, KS)
U. S. Space & Rocket Center (Huntsville, AL)