Keystone Stereo Views (Samples of WWI Stereos)

Sample Views

WWI Stereographs, Photos, & Illustrations

George Eastman House: Keystone - WWI Stereoviews
George Eastman House: Underwood & Underwood - WWI Stereoviews

Alincourt Destruction (V18897)
"Miracle of Lucy" (V18943)
Ruins of French Church (18706)
Ypres Cathedral in Ruins (18786)
Cathedral at Reims, Ruined by the Germans (18731)
Cathedral at Verdun & Ruins (19258)
City Gate at Verdun (18730)
Ruined House, Lens (19252)
Searching the Ruins (18629)

British Munitions Factory (Underwood & Underwood 8)
Belleau Wood (18724)
English Cavalry Horses (11374)
French Cavalry & Airplane (V18853)
French Nieuport Airplane (19049)
Wrecked Zeppelin (18632)
Observation Balloons, Coblenz (V18945)

12-Inch Projectile (19053)
French 75 mm Gun (18705)
75-mm Anti-Aircraft Gun (18756)
Charging a 270 mm Howtizer (V18908)
Renault Tanks (18676)

Bringing in Wounded (18754)
Decorating Wounded Frenchman (18099)
Motor Ambulance, Somme (18657)
Trench Periscope (V18801)
French X-Ray Machine (18608)
Wounded Belgians (V18817)

Arch of Triumph (18775)
Hail to the Heroes (19163)
Parade in Paris (18742)
French Guns: Museum (18058)
Resting Doughboys (V19229)
Moveable Kitchen, Somme (V18829)
German Pill Box (V18857)

Belgian Refugees in London (V19273)
British Troops in German East Africa (19568)
Crushed Belgian Town, Messines (19580)
German Rifle Pits in Cemetery (19390)
Japanese Gun in Russian Fort, Captured by Germans (19591)
Skoda Works, Pilsen, Bohemia (19251)
Suresnes Cemetery, Paris (19366)