Korean War Propaganda Leaflets (1952-53)

WWI Stereographs, Photos, & Illustrations

Korean Campaign (album)
The North Korean Soldier is Forced to Fight Soviet Russia's War (7 May 1952) [Korean]
The Torch of Aggression (9 June 1952) [Chinese]
Are you willing to let the fierce Russian wolf devour China? (8 July 1952) [Chinese]
Communist hands take your freedom (8 July 1952) [Korean]
This is actually happening in China (28 July 1952) [Chinese] [Memo with translation]
The puppet Kim Il Sung has sold North Korean to the CCF (6 August 1952) [Korean] [Memo with translation]
Communists keep the truth from you! (25 September 1952) [Chinese] [Memo with translation]
Old Russian Weapons Bring Death! Escape! Don't Die for Russia! (30 September 1952) [Chinese]
Why must your leaders bow to Russian masters? (3 October 1952) [Korean]
North Korean Farmers! --Hide your rice! Don't starve for Communism! (30 October 1952) [Korean]
The Communist Squeeze (18 November 1952) [Korean]
Who is next on Stalin's list? (22 November 1952) [Korean]
This is Stalin (3 December 1952) [Chinese]

Comrades! I died needlessly for the Communist boss, Kim Il Sung. (2 January 1953) [Korean] [Memo with translation]
Chinese-Soviet Friendship. This is how Mao supports it! (5 January 1953) [Chinese]
Master Stalin, I serve you well. (9 January 1953) [Korean]
Don't House Soldiers (13 January 1953) [Korean] [Memo with translation]
Guard you home and protect your country! (19 January 1953) [Chinese]
The CCF controls North Korean railroads (26 January 1953) [Korean] [Memo with translation]
The NKPA weapons are inferior to the CCF's (2 February 1953) [Korean]
Communist Tax Bite Hits the NK People! (21 February 1953) [Korean]
The Chinese Communists bend body and knees to Soviet Russia! (6 March 1953) [Korean] [Memo with translation]
Ball & chain worn by student labeled: "Political Training" (11 March 1953) [Korean]
Soldier with bayonet (13 March 1953) [Korean]
The Communists' Golden Rule for their people (16 April 1953) [Korean]
Comrade Big Ear Wong. Russia want every Chinese to grow like this! (24 April 1953) [Chinese]
The Communist hand brings fatal deafness to all North Koreans! (16 May 1953) [Korean]
The CCF's occupies your homes! (11 June 1953) [Korean]
"Russian advisors" who "ride on Chinese Head" become more and more (6 July 1953) [Chinese]
"Burn books and bury scholars" (10 July 1953) [Chinese]

China's Fate [Chinese]
Grasping hands [Korean]
Korean Ox, Chinese Servant, Russian Master! [Korean]
Now!!! The Choice is Yours!!! Life or Death??? [Chinese]
The Next Attack . . . Why must I be led to my death? [Korean]
You are being led to your deaths! [Chinese]
When there is a lull in the fighting, do you remember these things? [Chinese]
The false Kim Il Sung [Korean]
Return soon [Chinese]
Soldiers of North Korea [Korean]
Officers and men of the North Korean Army [Korean]