vita.May2000 : Robinson M. Yost


Adolf Hitler, Versailles, & the Death of Democracy [PPT]
Adolf Hitler in the Great War [PPT]
Hitler, Versailles, Weimar Republic [timeline/handout]
Galileo & The Telescope [PPT]
Galileo & The Telescope [handout]
Blood & Guts: William Harvey & the Circulation of the Blood [PPT]
Bringing Down the "Butcher of Prague" [PPT]
Who are You Calling a Neanderthal? [PPT]
In the Footsteps of Hitler: Walking Tour of Nuremberg [PPT]
Nuremberg Party Rallies [handout]
Guts & Blood: Revolutions in Human Anatomy [PPT]
Guts & Blood: Andreas Vesalius [handout]
In the Shadow of the Third Reich: Walking Tour of Munich [PPT]
Computer Heaven? E-waste Hell? [PPT]
Agincourt: Fact & Film [PPT]
Agincourt: Fact & Film [handout]
Spoiling the Land of the Vikings: Alternative Energy Debates in Iceland [PPT]
Africa to Auschwitz: The Namibian Genocide (1904-1908) [PPT]
Namibian Genocide [handout with map]
Mental MacGyvering: (Critical)Thinking In the Classroom [PPT]
The Battle of Salamis & the Ancient Greek Trieres [PPT]
Salamis & Trieres: Fact Sheet [handout]
Democratic Vices & Republican Virtues [PPT]
Classical Learning in 18th-Century America [handout]
The Crimean War & Charge of the Light Brigade: History & Film [PPT]
Charge of the Light Brigade [handout]