Russo-Japanese War Cartoons (1904-05)

Czar with Bulldog (1905)

WWI Stereographs, Photos, & Illustrations

Internal Discontent in Russia
Russia to Japan: "I have my door open for you."
Uncorking the Volcano
The Czar & Russian Battleships
Mars: "Keep cool, dogs; they're both in the pot!"
Farmer Japan: "Come down out of that tree!" (Duluth News-Tribune)
The Bear: "I've struck a hornet's nest now, sure!" (Duluth News-Tribune)
China: "I am large, but I seem to be up against it." (Minneapolis Tribune)
Russia: "This attack is in the rear . . ." (Minneapolis Tribune)
Uncle Sam: "I must take a few precautions, at least." (Brooklyn Eagle)
Japan: "I seem to have some allies."
Secretary Hay: "I will confine the fire to the pagoda, if I can." (Brooklyn Eagle)
Uncle Sam: "It looks as if the whole bunch was going down together." (Brooklyn Eagle)
Uncle Sam & International Riot
Uncle Sam: "Save the china, boys!" (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
The Earth: "I hope there'll be no complications that'll cause it to spread." (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Is the Asbestos Curtain Working (Detroit Evening News)
Neptune: "Perhaps it is only the game of Ping-Pong . . ." (Detroit Evening News)
Japan: "This must be a new-fangled typewriter . . ."
New Process of Japanning
Russia: "No fair! I wasn't ready." (St. Paul Pioneer-Press)
Russia: "This is a rather fierce pond that I've got on to."
Viceroy Alexieff: "I seem to have considerable company."
The Czar: "Let not my right hand know . . ."