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Human Biology examines human form and function, and the relationship of humans to other living things. Fundamental biological principles as they apply to the human are explored. The course is intended for liberal arts students who do not currently plan to major in the biological or health sciences and can be used as a part of the science component of Kirkwood’s general education (core) requirement .

Courses which meet the general education (core) science requirement for the A.A. degree provide students with opportunities to:

1. Understand and practice logical thinking skills (i.e. Conclusions are based on quality data).

2. Recognize pseudoscience and be able to evaluate potential candidates on the basic of scientific reasoning, process, and scientific legitimacy.

3. Be scientifically skeptical.

4. Practice problem-solving skills, and understand their application to the scientific method.

5. Be confident and comfortable with science and dealing with science issues; “engage” with science and scientific process throughout their life.

6. Make, collect, and record observations.

7. Locate different sources of scientific information.

8. Transfer knowledge (i.e. Make connections of associated concepts and data).

9. Identify key variables in a system.

10. Have knowledge of basic science principles and laws.

11. Develop a technical (scientific) vocabulary and understand why such vocabulary is needed to facilitate communication in the sciences.

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