Tentative Lecture & Exam Schedule
(Work in Progress)

I. The Age of Enlightenment: 1650-1789 (Ch. 16 - 20)

What is History? [Introduction]
France: Here Comes the Sun King/ England: Cavaliers and Roundheads [Ch. 16]
Absolutism in Eastern Europe [Ch. 17]
Let Newton Be... And All Was Light!/ The Age of Reason [Ch. 18]
The Expansion of Europe [Ch. 19]
Changing Life in Europe [Ch. 20]

II. The Long Nineteenth Century: 1789-1914 (Ch. 21-26)

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity?/ Napoleon's Rise and Fall [Ch. 21]
An Industrial Revolution? [Ch. 22]
Metternich & the Balance of Power [Ch. 23]
Romanticism: Critique of the Enlightenment/ A Changing Urban Society [Ch. 24]
Darwin and Darwinism/ The Germ Theory of Disease
The Age of Nationalism[Ch. 25]
Western Imperialism: Survival of the Fittest? [Ch. 26]

III. The Great Break: 1914- present (Ch. 27-31)

Crisis in Russia: A Proletarian Revolution?[Ch. 27]
The Rise of Adolf Hitler[Ch. 30]