Tentative Lecture & Exam Schedule

I. The Ancient World (Aug. 30-Sept. 29)

What is History?/ Pre-history [Introduction]
Near East Origins [Ch. 1]
Kingdoms in the Near East/ Sumeria and the Bible [Ch. 2]
The Legacy of Greece/ Alexander the Great [Ch. 3]
Hellenistic Diffusion [Ch. 4]
The Rise of Rome/ Roman Gladiators [Ch. 5]
The Pax Romana/The "Fall" of Rome [Ch. 6]

First Exam [Ch 1-6]

II. Medieval Europe (Oct. 4-Nov. 3)

The Barbarians/ Muhammad & Islam
The Making of Europe/Knights:Bravery & Fear [Ch. 7]
The Carolingian World [Ch. 8]
Revival, Recovery, and Reform/Heretics [Ch. 9]
The High Middle Ages [Ch. 10]
Medieval Universities [Ch. 11]
Marco Polo and the Mongol Empire
The Black Death/[Ch. 12]

Second Exam [Ch. 7-12]

III. Renaissance & Early Modern Europe (Nov. 8-Dec. 8)

Age of the Renaissance [Ch. 13]
The Reformation: Protestants versus Catholics [Ch. 14]
Age of European Expansion/Black Legend & Flat Earth [Ch. 15]
Absolutism & Constitutionalism [Ch. 16]
The Scientific Revolution?: (1543-1687) (1642-1750)
Absolutism in Eastern Europe: The Russian Empire [Ch. 17]

Final Exam [Ch. 13-17]