David McMahon & Robinson Yost (League for Innovation, March 2004)

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Kuphaldt & Leamnson excerpts [discussion quotes]
Chapter Five: Teaching & Pedagogy [discussion quotes]
Chapter Six: The Classroom [discussion quotes]
How to Study (1917) by George Fillmore Swain
Student's Guide to Efficient Study (1933)
Making the Most of One's Mind (1915) by John Adams
"Reasons to De-Test the Schools" (1988) by Jacques Barzun
"The Quiet Crisis" from The World is Flat (2005) by Thomas L. Friedman

Robert Leamnson [UMass, Dartmouth]
"Only Connect... The Goals of a Liberal Education" [William Cronon]
"Survival of the Fittest" New York Times April 25, 2005 [John Merrow]
"If I Wanted to Study, I Would Have Gone to a Real College [Tony R. Kuphaldt]"
"'You Can Always Look It Up'... Or Can You?" [E. D. Hirsch, Jr.]"
"Bad Attitude: Confronting the Views that Hinder Students' Learning" [Vincent Ryan Ruggiero]"
"Online Education: '76 Trombones & a Big Parade'" [J. Jeffrey Tillman]"

The Bridge Project: Betraying the College Dream [Stanford University]
National Survey of Student Engagement [Indiana University]
Rising to the Challenge: Are High School Graduate Prepared for College & Work? [Achieve.org]